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Lucie B has been teaching, training and coaching children of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities for over 12 years. Lucie B Jump N Fun was uniquely created to teach kids the art, skill and sport of jump roping. Lucie B designed the program to be cardio/endurance-specific. As the sessions progress, challenging skills are introduced and kids are encouraged to be creative with all skills taught. Lucie B stresses the importance of Team Work in an atmosphere of love,respect, and happiness. Lucie B Jump N Fun is much more than a JUMP ROPE exercise program…it’s about teaching kids to be Strong, Powerful and Self Confident. Lucie B’s Jump Rope programs are very popular in NYC as well as in Stockholm. Her Single Rope Tricks N Double Dutch classes are an instant hit at Carlssons Skola, Campus Manilla, FuturaSkolan, Fryshusset, FittjaSkolan and Karsby International. Her enthusiasm, energy, vivacious personality, passion and talent for teaching kids has a positive impact and influence on every student who attends her classes. In 2004, Lucie B walked away from a career in Medicine to to create a business from her passion and talent. She wanted to create something amazing that would benefit, inspire and bring joy to kids all over the world….and she accomplished just that!

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