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Big Bottom Blues

BIG BOTTOM BLUES is a gripping and emotional story about a woman’s traumatic childhood riddled with sexual and physical abuse and its devastating effects in her adult life.

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About The Book

Lucie B takes us through the pain of body dysmorphia, isolation, addiction to food, binge eating disorder, shame, guilt and self-loathing that tormented her long after the abuse stopped. She tells her story from the heart, allowing readers to emotionally connect to her world of pain and tribulation. This is a raw and unnerving story that hits the nerve of every woman who has been sexually abused, particularly by the hands of a family member. 

This emotionally vulnerable book helps survivors step through their “Ring of Fire” to stand strong with renewal and the conviction to forge forward. Big Bottom Blues is more than just a book about healing from childhood rape: it is a story that inspires and empowers women to flip the script on their trauma and turn it into success! 

“For every little girl, for every woman, for anyone who has suffered childhood trauma of any sort, I want you to think back on your life. Think back to the numerous times you thought you would never make it to this point today. Guess what? You’re here now. And while you may not be totally free from the pain of the past, you are still breathing. You are still alive. You are still standing. Tell your story and be an inspiration for others!” 

Praise For “Big Bottom Blues”

“Lucie B confronts the demons in her past and tells her moving story of how she overcame it all. This story has the ability to speak to all and INSPIRE many. Thank you, Lucie B, for having the courage to tell your story. Your message encourages women of all ages to believe it is possible to be more than a victim of abuse, but a contagious positive spirit. It definitely was no easy road.”


“Big Bottom Blues was a story of a woman revealing the most emotional and personal parts of her life. It made me cry, it made me smile, it made me cheer all at the same time. It is a must read for those who are going through or have gone through similar struggles. While they may have told their stories or not, it give us all something to think about. It was an easy read but hard on the soul. May God continue to bless you Lucie B!”     


“BIG BOTTOM BLUES is an easy read but not so easy to digest story about an unimaginable though the journey of a sexually abused little girl and the impact of that abuse into her womanhood. She pushes through the ongoing life and emotional struggles with strength, resilience, and courage demonstrating the power of the inner voice and of the spirit. This book is a great read and a MUST read for anyone struggling with low self esteem and with self love. Thank you Lucie for sharing your story. It will surely touch many lives. Well done! ”


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About Lucie B

Lucie B Lindner, a native New Yorker, is the founder and owner of Lucie B Jump N Fun, a business that brings the joy and art of jump roping to thousands of kids from New York City to Sweden. She has recently started her second business baby called “F3G” by Lucie B, a girl-empowerment program whose mission is to empower, inspire, and motivate girls to be fit, fab, n’ fierce.

   In 2014, she married the love of her life and moved to Sweden. Her super power lies in her passion to motivate and inspire all those who believe they cannot achieve their dreams. She is proof that they can! Lucie B is currently working on an exciting documentary where a film crew follows her as she trains and coaches 4 Swedish women in their 70’s who will be competing at the the World Jump Rope/Arnolds Championship in Barcelona Spain on the 23rd of September. This is the first time this is being done anywhere in the world! Lucie B will transform these ladies into Jump Rope and Double Dutch Speed Champions! Learn more about them on their Facebook Group.

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     Lulu, My Tree

    “One Saturday afternoon, as I walked along my usual trail, I made a fascinating discovery: a tree that resembled a woman’s body turned upside down. This tree was so striking, it grasped my undivided attention. Her head and chest were firmly embedded in the earth while her thick, powerful, bifurcating thighs and long legs stretched far up into the sky, her toes intertwining with that of neighboring tree branches. This tree was magnificent. Oh how I loved that tree! That tree made me happy. I looked at her and named her Lulu, which was the nickname my daddy gave me. This is the tree under which I sat almost every weekend for three years, crying, lamenting, and exposing my deepest, darkest feelings. This is the tree under which I sat to write this book. In the deep forest of Utanå, I finally found my peace.”

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